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Biodiversity Indicators for European Farming Systems

(Szöveg csak angol nyelven)

21.-22.06.2012: International Conference in Engelberg/Lucerne, Switzerland

Farmland biodiversity researchers from 15 countries presented the results of the BioBio project introducing an indicator set for genetic, species and habitat diversity as well as for farm management practices.

Presentations held at this conference are available following the link:

Swiss agriculture, agricultural policy and biodiversity
Dominique Kohli Download

What is farmland biodiversity?
Peter Edwards

Why do we need biodiversity indicators? The experience of Fundación Global Nature
Eduardo de Miguel Download

Why do Appellations of Origin need Biodiversity Indicators?
Thierry Fabian Download

The BioBio project: Approach and methods
Felix Herzog Download

Which are the best indicators?
Philippe Jeanneret Download

A Closer Look at Habitat Indicators
Wendy Fjellstad Download

A closer look at species indicators
Gisela Lüscher Download

A closer look at indicators for genetic diversity
Luisa Last Download

A closer look at Farm Management Indicators
Jürgen Friedel Download

The Role of Semi-Natural Habitats
Peter Dennis Download

Monitoring European farmland biodiversity: What is needed and what are the costs?
Ilse Geijzendorffer Download

Monitoring biodiversity and the CAP: Advice from scientist to policy makers
Davide Viaggi Download

Outlook and guide to indicator application
Philippe Pointereau Download

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